Sunday, September 26, 2010

[TUTORIAL]KJumping/Imba in Soldier Front

Here is how you Imba in Soldier Front:
Practise this on a training. Once you see you go far, try this:

Soldier Front -- Spawn Points

Saturday, September 25, 2010

[TUTORIAL]M4ing in Soldier Front

Notice - Be pro at "m4" before start "ak"

I'm going to tell you guys only basic skills of M4

If you do bast at basic you can able to be pro M4er like KSF progamers

1. Setting

- Light map

Most of players are truning off light map when they are playing

but I highly recommend you DON'T. You will see the reasons.

- mouse setting

It's better to faster. i'm using 40 when i m4

- Blood effect

Don't. You will see the reasons.

- Bright


2. Aiming

- M4 never do single shot

Banana aiming [Most important]
KSF people called 'Banana aiming' when m4 shootting, the bullets are going out of aim.


- When you shot person the white blood coming out, you must aim with white blood effect, don't aim with crosshair. Yes, that's why you have to turn off light map and blood effect to see white blood so well which means to become pro aimer. All you have to do is spinning your aim untill white blood comes out.


- Press "H" when you guys are pubbing only shotting by white blood effect.

- Go to ShangHai training map and shot to the wall with moving(stepping or jumping) after press "H" and try to make less out Bullets.

3. Situations

M4 vs Anyguns - Short Distance

1. Try to shot head with jumping (don't forget Banana aiming)


M4 vs Anyguns - Mid Distance

1. Shotting with step left or right but no jump

M4 vs AnySprays - Long Distance

1. Use your objects and nades

2. Stand half behind the Wall or box

3. Keep shotting, try to catch Banana aiming

4. Sence

All rusing into the room

1. If sniper and sprayers are in same room throw Smoke and then throw flashes. But if sniper is not there Don't Throw smokes because enemies know where you guys going to come in from but if somking cover your sight you guys would not be recognizing where they are

2. As soon as last flash is expired all rush into the room at sametime

3. Keep shotting the only person who saw first with jumping and don't worry about others just truth your clanmates


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